“Vault Into the Career of Your Dreams”

Written by Jesse Sannicandro


Career Services and Employer Relations is hosting a Career Conference called “Vault into the Career of Your Dreams,” on Wednesday, November 30 in the McCarthy Center Forum from 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM. There are three sessions in this conference and students are encouraged to attend all three parts, but can also attend only one or two.


The first session will be “Unlock The Vault.” Vault is a web resource that students and alumni are able to use to help with job searching. This resource contains industry statistics, overviews and advice on how to enter an industry. There are also recommendations on what career path to pursue based on your major and personal interests. Additionally, there are guides that give advice on interviewing, networking, and resumes, among other things. At first glance, it can look difficult to navigate, so this information session teaches users how to best take advantage of it.


The second session is called “Soft Skills Savvy.” Soft skills are transferable across careers and industries. They are abilities that all employers look for and include teamwork, interpersonal skills, and goal-orientation. They are not something that you learn in class and are often overlooked by students. There is a gap between what skills students think they have and what employers actually need, this is called the “soft skills gap.” Students think that they have all the skills they need, but there are often many that they are missing. This session will help attendees learn all about this and more.

via connectionsacademy.com

The last session will demonstrate a new library resource, Career Spots videos. Career Spots is a resource that is new to Framingham State University this semester. This valuable resource was made available thanks to a grant that the Whittemore Library received from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. It includes many videos on everything career related. Using this resource can be a good alternative to reading information for those who learn better by watching videos. Included in the videos available on Career Spots is information about interviewing and resume writing.


I have never been to a career conference and am excited about the opportunity to attend one. This program will be useful as a way to transition from life as a student to someone searching for gainful employment in a career. Whether you have your career path set or if you have no idea at all, we at Career Services encourage all students and alumni to attend.


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