Written by Jesse Sannicandro

As I’m coming to the end of my Professional Writing Internship at the office of Career Services and Employer Relations (CSER), I’ve been reflecting on everything that I’ve done and learned here. I visited the office during the spring of 2016 for help with my resume, but that was the extent of my experience with career services before I started my internship. I didn’t entirely know what to expect beyond my few brief meetings over the summer with the director of CSER, Dawn Ross.

As I wrote in my first post, I hit the ground running right away, attending the Employment & Enjoyment Fair. This was somewhat of a daunting experience, and I quickly learned that the office was always bustling. I spent the next couple of weeks familiarizing myself with the office, its inner-workings, and the major amount of job-searching resources that it has to offer. I’ve studied nearly all of the forms that are available and used all of the online resources, including Vault and CareerSpots, and I’ve only scratched the surface of everything that CSER has to offer.

Dawn also encouraged me (as well as all of the other students working in the office) to take part in the Suitable Solutions professionalism program. This was a wonderful experience that helped me gain confidence in my job-searching skills. The most beneficial part of the program for me was the mock-interview process. Local businesses collaborated with CSER and sent their employees to conduct the interviews.

This official blog has been my favorite experience in terms of work that I’ve done for the office. Early on, it was made clear to me that I would be doing primarily self-directed work. There were a lot of options of projects that previous Professional Writing interns had worked on that I would be able to continue. The blog was originally created by Arianna Miller in 2015 and I decided to pursue that with a goal of creating one post per week. Before I put anything up I made sure that it was appropriate and was approved by Sarah Falber, one of the office’s esteemed career counselors. Whenever I showed Dawn the work I’d done, I was always elated to hear her say, “love it!”

Since the beginning of my internship, Dawn has stressed that I should work on a “legacy project,” something that I can leave behind when I move on. What I’ve been working on is a workbook called “Cracking the Vault,” that aims to demonstrate how to easily use the online resource, Vault. I have been feverishly crafting this workbook for the past couple of weeks, trying to perfect it. I’m pretty happy with the results and am glad to be able to leave something behind that will hopefully help students in the future.

Working at CSER has been a great experience. I’ve learned to collaborate on writing, put myself on a schedule, and think of original ideas to create focused blog posts. I consider myself lucky to have taken part in this internship. I’m glad to have had the experience, sad to have to leave, and excited for my future with all the skills that I have learned and developed at Career Services.


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